Habla Ingles?

Mike’s Common Sense

Hi, I am an American, I love being an American. All my life, I have been surrounded by people who spoke American. Of course I mean the Queen’s English, but hell, it’s always been American to me. Now, I live and work around Miami, unfortunately, nobody told most of the residents, that this is indeed, America. Almost everybody speaks Spanish! And I mean ALMOST everybody.

There is a small pocket of us “gringos” to try and keep a small semblance of American life.

Our house is the black sheep of our neighborhood. My neighbors are disappointed in just about everything about us, from the color of our house (yellow), the football we cheer for (real football, not soccer), and the old rock and roll I play a little too loud once in a while.

Oh, yeah, did I fail to mention that we speak English?

Actually, my neighbors, are pretty cool, even if we are different, and they do put up with things like my step son’s broken down truck (that he swears he’s going to put on the road) sitting in my front yard for six months.

Like I said, we’re trying to promote the American way.

Well, my wife has had enough of it. Since she can’t go up north (easily), she found herself a job bartending at this little old red neck bar. It’s very nice, and very white, and everybody does speak English…for now. She said to me “Everybody knows that they have to speak English if they want any service. I don’t take any orders in Spanish” Right! Until a Latino buys the place, then she’ll be asking every person that walks in the place

“Habla Ingles?”

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