Guardian At the Gate Of Consciousness

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Spirituality has always existed, but with the emergence of Quantum Physics people are now understanding that there is scientific evidence that spirituality is real. This realization is broadening to the point that mankind is reaching a tipping point where this understanding will become universal among all men. As we approach this golden age, it is important to understand how each of us individuals play an important part in this process, as we grow individually, and collectively.

Quantum Physics has shown that the behavior of particles are influenced by having an observer present watching. It has also shown that distance is not relevant in the relationship of any two or more homogeneous particles. Science cannot really explain why this is, but both of these have have been shown in many scientific experiments; and they show the power of attention, and intention. Explaining why this is so, is where spirituality comes in.

There is One Consciousness which is referred to as God; out of this great Consciousness spring the countless states of consciousness which comprise mankind, plants, animals, and everything that exists. Each state is separate, and individual, but also still a part of the One Consciousness.

The key for each of us to learn is attention, and the Law of Attraction. What you focus your attention on, is what you will attract to you.

Most of us have been taught to love God, and hate Satan; to love good, but hate evil. We have been taught to love the positive things, but to hate the negative things. What we have not been taught is that in the physical world God/Satan, good/evil, positive/negative, are two sides of the same coin. Just as a bar magnet could not exist without a positive end, and a negative end, this world could not exist without a mixture of positive, and negative.

What does this have to do with attention, and the Law of Attraction? When you love something, you are putting your attention on it, drawing it to you. Likewise, when you hate something you are putting attention on it drawing it to you. This creates a dichotomy which keeps us from manifesting what we truly want in life.

This is the secret of the mystics. If you want God, beauty, and the positive things to manifest in your life, align yourself with them and love them, but be indifferent to evil, and the things you don’t want. By removing your attention from the negative, you allow the positive to manifest and flourish.

Each of us must be the guardian at the gate of their consciousness. Be mindful of the movies, TV shows, etc. that you allow into your state. Avoid taking sides in heated debates, and try to avoid all negative emotions such as anger, fear, and hate.

As mankind learns to focus on love, and beauty, and to be indifferent to evil, and selfishness, we will see the dawning of a new golden age.

4 thoughts on “Guardian At the Gate Of Consciousness”

  1. Good and evil are co-eternal principles, you cannot have one without the other, both are necessary. It is the law of opposites/opposition. God created the heaven (aether) and the earth. There was darkness upon the face of the deep and God said let there be light. God separated the above from the below, and the land from the sea. All things have their opposites. I wouldn’t say be indifferent to evil, but perhaps give no heed to evil.. And I agree that where your focus is, is where your results will be.

    Nice inclusion of quantum physics ?

  2. I love it. This is exactly the message I am so driven to put out to our fellow man. We manifest what we put our energy, or attention to. If we could come to a common mind of harmony, and the good. To recognize the power we have to make things beautiful, functioning in order, all for the good of the whole,

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