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    With a sense of renewal, and renewed inspiration, I submit the long overdue letter challenge. To continue, the next letter chronologically is K. So what can we do with the letter K? Well anything you like actually. You can write a poem, a story, long or short in any genre, but bear in mind that you MUST include all the 10 words listed below in any…[Read more]

  • Benjamin Ogden posted an update in the group Group logo of Writer’s LoungeWriter’s Lounge 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    I wrote my original ONE LOVE PHILOSOPHY back in 2008. This is my updated 2020 version:

    One Love Philosophy

    #love #onelove #writing #thoughts #philosohpy

  • Hi Monica!
    Yes, times flies (I’ll resist the temptation to use the Latin phrase), I’m actually slowing the letter challenges down now to every two weeks rather than each week – mainly because there was a period when I couldn’t keep up with the pace myself.

    And if something’s worth doing, then it’s worth doing right. . .I look forward to reading…[Read more]

  • Hi Jules!
    I was just looking over at my drawing board where I have my list of “A” words with a start to a short story about August the Ant who was born in June. I have one paragraph that I wrote when you first posted the A’s and some scribbles about the story line. I like handwriting my stories …..I don’t know why.

    Anywho…..yer already up to…[Read more]

  • And on to the letter J.

    Below are 10 words each beginning with the letter J.

    Write a story and include all the listed words.


  • Time for some fun with the letter I.

    Below are 10 words beginning with the letter I, and all have the same prefix of “Inter.”

    Write a story and include all the listed words.


    Some of these words have very similar…[Read more]

  • This week we pronounce our Aitches, or H to us normal folk.

    Below are 10 words all beginning with the letter H.

    Write a short story, a poem, your version of Homer’s Iliad, or anything that takes your fancy, but remember to include all the words listed below. Oh . . . I keep forgetting to mention, plurals are allowed where…[Read more]

  • And so on to the letter G.

    Below are 10 words all beginning with the letter G.

    Write a story, an epic, a poem, but remember to include all the words listed below.


  • I have to say that since I have been doing this the weeks have just flown by to such an extent that I am having trouble trying to keep up with it all. But never mind, that’s my concern and does not extend to anyone else.

    So, on to this week’s challenge. And that of course is the letter F.

    Listed below are 10 words which all begin with the letter…[Read more]

  • I think my notifications must be messed up; I had no idea that you posted this until late last night. Oh well, never mind.

    I see you’ve adopted the “to be continued” format for your story! That’s quite a nifty idea and look forward to the next part.

    Keep up the good work.

  • The Backward Science

    Botany of all things. Why did she take the class in the first place? The reason she told everyone was she needed to take a science class for her major, but there was another reason. It gave her a chance to be near him. Get to know him and see if he was worth pursing a relationship with or not. Even if he did turn out to…[Read more]

  • It’s that time again, so with no further ado.

    Below are 10 words all beginning with the letter E.

    Write a short story, a poem, or anything that you like, but remember to include all the words.

    Have at it.


  • Jules replied to the topic Word Challenge in the forum Group logo of Writer’s LoungeWriter's Lounge 1 year, 8 months ago

    The lab was in darkness when Claudia returned; everyone had gone home at their usual time, but Claudia had some unfinished work that she simply must complete before the morning. It didn’t really matter how long this was going to take she just knew that she had to knuckle down and get on with it. From her part of the lab area she had to turn a full…[Read more]

  • Thank you @Jules for the warm welcome 🙂

    Yes I was on Thoughts. Back then I went by the username of Notathoughtgiven. I have to get use to how things are done here. I feel like I am learning how to do things over again 😛

    I am glad that you liked the story. I am looking forward to trying out the other challenges and posting the results on the…[Read more]

  • Hello Michelle Kelly, and thank you for taking part in this writing forum. I seem to remember you from Thoughts? If not, then there was someone with an identical username.
    Anyway, loved the story and I had to smile when I read the last paragraph and the sneaky way you included that.

    Hope you feel inspired to write more in the future.

  • She open the door and got out of the taxi. She did that for two reasons, the first being to make sure the front of her taxi align with the line marking the top of the taxi rank. Being the newbie, the more experienced drivers where always looking for a reason to get on her case for not following the rules of the taxi co-operative. Not that it…[Read more]

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