Greyson & Grandma Day

What a wonderful Sunday it was.  I had agreed to watch Greyson while Mom & Dad went out and did some “adulting”.  It was a wonderful morning watching Elmo on Sesame Street DVD’s and putting together a new shapes puzzle.  He is truly amazing.  He literally turned two yrs old a week ago and his skills with matching puzzle pieces with the holes made for them is astounding.  I know it will be corn-bally for some but it makes this grandma beam with pride.

Next we went out to visit his great-grandfather who lives about a mile from here.  We chatted and Greyson played with his trucks on the floor.  Greyson kept switching trucks with Grandpa and was very well mannered for a two year old.

Afterwards, we went for lunch at McDonalds.  Why not?  That’s what Grandma’s do.  We cater to our grandchildren.  Greyson crashed for his nap as soon as we got home.  I had thought to crash for a Sunday nap myself but decided to stick with my original plan and get my chores done instead.  I really felt peaceful when I went to get Greyson from his nap knowing my chores for the week were accomplished as planned.  He had my total attention and he knew it.  Lol  He was eating his afternoon snack when his parents came home.  I expected him to go running to the front door to greet them, instead he stayed at his little table munching on his apples.  I guess at the time, food was a higher priority.  Lol

I know this grandma will not have any trouble falling asleep tonight… What a wonderful way to spend “Greyson & Grandma Day”…

8 thoughts on “Greyson & Grandma Day”

  1. What a wonderful day! And a beautiful picture of the two of you! So glad you and your grandson had a great time. I’ve been told being a grandparent is much more fun than being a parent.

  2. I loved this post! I have one grandchild Madison Lynn the second on the way Emma Ann. I live 2 and half hours away so I do not see her much I soak in every second when I do see her which will be Thursday of this week. I used to get giddy when My son and his wife come up now they play second to Madison who is now 14 months. She started walking the last time she was up in June now she is a regular toddler. I miss a lot living in paradise. sigh

  3. Awwww….enjoyed reading this.
    I am getting kind of anxious for a grandchild. I have 3 sons all in their 20’s. But not one in a serious relationship.
    Ah well……in due time.

    1. I agree… all in good time. My son is in his mid-20’s now and finally has a steady girlfriend who wants kids herself, but not now. I can appreciate that about her. Lol

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