gotta bf

So I’ve talked about this guy before, someone I am seeing. We’re still seeing each other and now he’s my boyfriend.

So that happened, and I got super excited last night and now it’s all calmed down and I almost told him I loved him, and he knows it.

See what happened was we got into a weird argument. He demanded to know what I was hiding, and of course I didn’t want to tell him because I accidentally almost told him, “I love you,” and so I finally told him I almost said that and he backed off, and then it fell into discussion that he is my boyfriend and we put our status up on fb and from there…

Well things are good now.

I am not as excited as last night, because it wore off. But I’m still happy. Like really happy. He told me he wanted to be with me, and I just, I sort of got giddy. Who wouldn’t?


We’re in the infatuation stage.

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