Goodbye Thoughts

Well… here I am.   I’m at a loss as to what happened the last day I posted in Thoughts. I had to remember what I couldn’t, so I loaded thoughts today as I often do because I rely on it to refresh my memory a lot. I was completely surprised to see it was gone along with 8 years of memories.   From my first divorce to my second marriage, to my second divorce, all the cheating, the drugs, everything I want to remember to keep me strong… gone. I wish I had been alerted previously. I wouldn’t have invested all those years had I known I’d lose them someday. So here I am again, starting over? I’m not sure. I may just make my own blog and save it to my laptop. But for now, this is it & I’m off to find a journal app so I never lose anything again.  Maybe I’ll copy & paste into both… don’t know yet. If anyone knows of any good journal apps, please let me know… thanks!

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