Good Night

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when my heart starts wandering the railroad track

and i look at my life, up, down, and back

where my wheels kept notchin on the floors of the plank

and i got so swelled up that i nearly sank

into the great divide that grew between us

and my youth and my first and last and lust

when i cant find that kettle that howls in the night

cause ive lost my footsteps down some daft dirty flight

and you all gussied up for something we forgot

and the road shining bright whistles tear through the night

and my milk glass there building up dust

and that rusty old screwdriver that never fits right

when those footsteps heartbeat stampede through my head

and my cowlick christmas cheesy dread

then i think it all up

straw it in with my head

mix it up, water it down, get drunk, off to bed.

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