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Gone to heaven

Sad was September 13th. The day my father died. He fought long and hard for the last couple years. I am still in disbelief he won’t be sitting around the bon fire, or coming over for Christmas or too see my youngest son graduate highschool in two years. The morning he passed we were running an errand and this eagle flew down and landed in the road right in front of us. It flew up as we got closer right next to our car. I knew it was my father saying “I’m ok and I’m still with you. They say time heals all wounds. This one however will never heal but my hope is that each day will get a little easier.

4 thoughts on “Gone to heaven”

  1. {{{{Monica}}}}
    What a beautiful sight that must have been…..seeing that Eagle. Your father of course chose THEE most magnificent bird to deliver his message.

    I am so sorry for your loss.

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