God’s Breath

It comes upon me flowing gracefully;

your gentle hello

It ruffles the pages as I read,

as I write,

It stirs my soul;

like words whispered in my ear~


It commands me to listen,

to quiet my mind,

center my heart,

to hear your message;

you love me, you say on the breeze~


It propels, gently, greatly,abundantly.

shall i don a summer top, a sweater,

to walk with you in days of gentle winds

or, quietly sit as I am, at my patio table?


It glides, lifting and separating my hair;

tickling my neck,

caressing my arms.

wrapping yourself about me~

~Be still, and know I am~




then it’s gone

the air so still;

you’ve left to talk to someone else~


That’s when I feel the closest to you


Your presence, in the wind~


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