Glad To Be Back Here and That’s Another Story, a Long One

Dear Old Thoughts ❤️  Today is September 1, 2020. Don’t know where to start? I have so many NEW thoughts, I just might explode. So happy to finally find my way back. After a number of failed attempts over the past few years…”I AM HERE, NOW” which happens to be the name of the book I’m writing.

It’s been a very long time since July 3rd, 9 or 10 years ago, when I received a call from Ben Odgen, the founder of Thoughts, a free blogging website, telling me he was letting go of everyone in the Orlando office. Sadly, the doors were closing. I was the only one in the company working remotely from home before it was in vogue or became the NEW NORMAL. Losing my dream job could not have occurred at a worse time in my life. I had just gotten out of the hospital, was going through a painful divorce, lost my beautiful home of 25 years and was living in a high-rise apartment where the average age was 90. The world as I knew it went POOF along with hundreds of my blogs. 

I had joined in 2007 and unexpectedly won several trips for 2 to Vegas. Most people don’t believe someone would give away anything for free, just to say, “Thank you” He was sure there was a catch. Nope…no catch!

Ben was extremely generous and living his ONE LOVE Philosophy. He eventually hired me.  In a sense, that made me 2 people, roe and the PUBLICIST. I was lucky enough to meet a few of my beloved virtual friends over the years in Vegas and later in Florida.

One time, Ben gave me a car to give away to a deserving person. I found her through the Cara Foundation in Chicago. It was like an Oprah moment when I gave the single mother of 2 the keys. She had been traveling 2 hours a day, on the bus, before and after work, taking her daughters to and from school. She fled in the middle of the night with them to an abusive women’s shelter. All they had were the clothes on their backs. After receiving loving care and training from THE CARA FOUNDATION, she secured a job at the Hyatt and rented her own apartment.

I have many wonderful, hilarious as well as touching memories. “THAT’S ANOTHER STORY” was a phrase I repeated often along with “I DIGRESS” another one of my “tag’ lines sprinkled in every now and then. lol 

The very first blog I ever wrote was called “Jumping for Joy” That’s what I am doing right now! ❤️ Once I get this first blog to post, the rest of them will pour out my brain in rapid succession. Truth be told, I do not think I will “decorate” this one. For example, will not be changing the font or messing with the colors and certainly won’t be adding any pics or videos, or links to other social media platforms. I’m afraid, I might lose everything. BEEN THERE, DONE THAT!

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