Getting Back

Do you ever watch shows, or videos from a few years back

and think to yourself, “where is your mask?! go put it on”

and wish you could go back and hope and hope and hope

and lying to yourself say that dayll come

where everything just goes back to normal

where half a million people just die from drunk drivers

and not this crazy thing

this crazy thing that leaves us here

talking to ourselves

leaves us with these bottles

leaves us with these vices





can it get much worse?

i was happy worrying about

that guy up there in that castle

stealing democracy

stealing our time

what i wouldnt give to have that america back

because at least then i could ignore it all

then i wasnt dieing every day

then i was white and that was all that mattered

and i could waltz through the world

taking everything my position granted me

and fuck everyone else

and you know its that way

because its always black and white

or its white and whatever else

and there is so much time and so much to consider

but damnit there is SO much to watch

and so much to click

and oh im itching for to build my network

and oh i need to start my business

and oh shit i should not forget about supporting

my friends on youtube and twitch

because they make me laugh

and because maybe we just all need to come together

but if we do i need the best shirt

and the best haircut

and the best car

and the best haircut

and the best teeth

and a deep emotional connection to some people in some impovershed shithole country

oh I cant wait to get back

to where nothing really mattered

and everything was expendable.

1 thought on “Getting Back”

  1. Yes….I sometimes look forward to finding movies from the 70’s to watch. I don’t exactly know why….I wasn’t even a teenager in the 70’s. And no…I don’t even think about mask if I am into a good movie.

    As for the rest of the write……… sigh.

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