Get No More & Changed My Mind…

I found out how to disable all notifications. YES there IS a God! Now I will not be bombarded with notifications from Thinkr the stinker, with everything set to no then it should stay quiet until I decide I want to log on and look around.

Also I gave Ben praise the other day about this place working great. I take that back. Today it is slower than watching syrup run down a tree in mid winter.

I hate to say it but it appears that Thinkr the stinker is going to be just like the of old. Shame … DAMN shame.

3 thoughts on “Get No More & Changed My Mind…”

  1. I don’t mind the notifications because otherwise I wouldn’t know who may be responding to me or not. I just wish there was notifications for when you write a blog and someone leaves you a comment. You have no way of knowing. Or….if someone leaves you a comment on profile, you have no way of knowing either.
    Don’t feel bad, the site is slow as molasses for me also. :/

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