I just finished watching 4 episodes of this show and I think I like it.

My little sister has been bugging me to watch her shows. You know how we recommend to friends and family shows we find and can binge watch? Well…..my family always watches my recommendations but I hardly ever watch theirs. I don’t know why that is. I think its because I don’t binge watch tv very often. And when I do watch tv my DVR is over 50% full of shows I “think” I am going to catch up on. And believe it or not…..I still have 2019 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade saved because I did not get to finish it last year. Which happened with the 2018 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and I finally deleted it because I had to just be honest with myself and accept that I will never get to it. Plus….I had to free up space in my DVR for shows I most likely will delete. It’s just the way my own little world turns.

Alright…so…my sister calls AGAIN to bug me about work situations. I really should send her an invoice for the work I do for her. Work being advising her on memos and HR issues which has cost people their jobs. And its not like we want anyone losing their jobs but work is work and the place she works is almost a joke. She submitted her resignation and was supposed to be out of there 2 weeks ago. Oh geeeez….I better stop here cause I don’t want to rehash this for the umpteenth time these past few weeks. ANYHOW…we end the discussion with her asking me if I started watching “Gentefied” yet. I keep telling her I will watch one episode before I go to sleep and never do. She told me…you have to watch 3 episodes to give it a fair shot. So tonight….I did and I think I am going to watch one more.

Today has been a weird day. I don’t know if you heard about the fire on a Navy Ship? Well it started yesterday and today the wind is blowing the air up here. And it smells like an electrical fire….burning wire and plastic….almost toxic it seems. Everyone in the neighborhood is complaining about the smell on our neighborhood site. I had to go outside to finish somethings and my head started hurting and I felt nauseous. The news is telling everyone to stay indoors with windows and doors closed and air conditioning on. But I also had to pick up a few orders I placed for curbside pickup. So I took off and everything seemed empty. San Diego had to take a step back on opening businesses and closed a lot of businesses again because of our spike in Covid cases. I picked up dinner and felt like today would be a good day to binge watch something since I really am stuck inside and can’t even sit on my patio. So “Gentefied” it was. It’s about a family that owns a small taco shop in …. I forgot the name of the town. But its not doing so well and of course when things aren’t going so well everything else seems to fall apart. It’s funny and a little hard to keep up with the subtitles in some episodes….but it’s worth a shot.

Ok…so that was my day.

6 thoughts on ““Gentefied””

    1. Ok….I watched them all and YOU especially would LOVE this show. The subtitles are not all through the show….but when they do come on you can just pause them and read them. I LOVED this show.
      The daughter in the show is a lesbian artist/artist lesbian….and some of her art projects cause chaos in the old neighborhood.
      I just know your gonna love this show.

    1. Isn’t it?!? I thought you would enjoy it. I think we all know someone like “Eric” who nothing can go right for him. No matter what they do…..it screws up someone elses plans.

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