The day had come when Genna could take no more ridicule or abuse from her Coven. She would prove once and for all that she could indeed command the very flames of her passionate soul, then release it upon the world at large. Her great grandmother had shown her the way when she was a child but she was always too scared to put the knowledge to use, but now she was ready – more than ready to use the spell. With the ritual set, she recited the incantation knowing full well it would work.

5 thoughts on “Genna”

  1. Carrie like minus the Coven. Spooky!

    Speaking of Covens….there is a disciplined Wiccan living down the mountain. We actually have a few in the neighborhood. They have a bonfire on every full moon and at times the new moon and every Wiccan occasion in-between. AND its a 12 hour fire in most cases. I have been wanting to drive down there to meet them a few times but my sons throw such a fit. They had a fire the other night so I grabbed my Ritual calendar to see what was up. It was a Last Quarter waning Moon ceremony. So interesting.

    I truly enjoy a good Witch story.
    One of my friends is a High Priestess who came back from a Big Witches gathering with messages. I will share a few….
    1. Don’t wear red this year.
    2. Don’t eat pork this year.

    Other advice from a Spiritual Healer.
    !. Hang a wind chime outside of your house.
    2 Drink Bitter root and sage tea during the time of Corona.

    I know I am jumping around a bit…but have you read The Mayfair Witches?

    1. I might have read the Mayfair Witches at one time, but I have no memory of it if I have. I have read soooo many books over the years and some of them become a bit blurry in my mind. I do remember reading a story by HP Lovecraft called “In the Witches Chamber.” – I think that’s what it’s called.

      1. The Mayfair witches is a series by Anne Rice. She crosses over the Vampires and Witches down the series. I absolutely loved the books until they got a bit to ……mmm….crazy?

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