Funny, is it me or the Internets are not so real anymore…

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Which one remembers the site in which  the communication between members was very easy and actually felt like home, or even before that, the where it had forums, blogs, chat and flirt game ,a whole place where people did actually speak to each other and was very real.

Nowdays communication through the World Wide Web has become very distant, it’s like everybody just runs and quickly throw out something and away again running to the next…what is going on?

Because most I believe here never had the chance to be on but more on , for example pastor mike , RIP pastor, there on thoughts he had the blogs with challenges, with real thoughts like in real life, and not only Pastor Mike but most of the old members were communicating in real. Now it seems that the next generation is running constantly to achieve what? lol, hahahaha.

Anyway, hello to everybody and slow it down a bit, life is only one, slow down, enjoy it, don’t run in panic …Lol!

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