Friday NIght

Here I am with a whole new name Southernbelle, on a whole new site. I found out a little bit ago that our beloved is no more. I hope we can all come on here and be friends. I hope I can learn how to use this site and enjoy it as much as I did thoughts. I have sent out some friend requests. I hope everyone will become my friend. I know absolutely nothing about how to navigate this site or really do much of anything on it. I did manage to take my phone and get my profile photo and the other photo in. The other photo is our beloved Goshe, our purebred, retired, top winning Ragdoll show kitty. She is such a precious love. Well since I am tired, I am going to end this blog. Next time I will write some things about myself.


3 thoughts on “Friday NIght”

  1. I don’t know much about navigating this site either. I’m definitely not liking the format.. I’m use to a bright vibrant backgrounnd,,, not something generic. oh well,, it is what it is… This isn;t my home though, but I will stop in more often than I did on

  2. ♥ WalkinOnSunshine ♥

    I’ve been here for at least a few weeks and I still have trouble. I don’t like how we never know if we have a comment and a few other things. I hope this place can work.


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