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Is it Really free speech? If so, then why was I banned from a forum site. No, there is no such thing as free speech. Only that which people agree on.

Did I say I’d put a bullet in his head ? no, I did no such thing. No one on the board, it was something in the news section. Then after being chastised I retracted and wrote I want no ill will toward him. But, I guess that wasn’t good enough. It’s a PG rated site,,,, like kids don’t hear worse on school grounds. I mean, that PG group,,,, Parents! Do your f–king job and monitor your kids online activity. No member was under the age of 37 and ran up ages in 80’s. Whatever. I guess I;ll keep my bad opinions to myself and just wear a mask like we live in a world of pixie dust and feathers.


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  1. There are many forums out there and each one has a given set of rules which create the criteria for posting. Some sites are very stringent – especially those related to gaming which minors have access to. Just one misplaced word or comment can bring the wrath of the moderators down upon you. The freedom is real, you can say what you want, but as always there might be consequences for the writer.

    1. If it has consequences then free it is not. Saying something with intent,,, now that is something different. That is not what I did. But, I’m over it now. They can have their site.

  2. A consequence is an after effect of free speech or action. You were free to write what you did and it was that which triggered the consequence.

  3. Smitty,

    First of all, you are NOT permanently banned from the site. You have incurred a temporary ban for thirty (30) days for your felonious statement in which we felt violated our hosts and our TOS. Our site cannot and WILL NOT tolerate such statements that may place us in jeopardy with our host.

    We have adopted our hosts TOS as a condition of forming an on-line community where everyone is welcome to post what they like as long as it remains within the TOS of our host and our own. If you had bothered to read our TOS, then you would have taken notice that it specifically states that “illegal” content will not be tolerated and dealt with disciplinary action.

    Your statement was of a felonious nature, ie: illegal class E felony by way of a threat towards the President of the United States of America.

    This is EXACTLY what you wrote….your words:
    *** Smitty45 said: “I’m going to say this once. Put a bullet in Trumps head and be done with it. Period. I HATE President Trump. 6 feet under is where that loser belongs. Not some prison with 3 hots and a cot.” ***

    The above statement was why you incurred a temporary ban (30 days) from our community.

    YOU may not have said that YOU would put a bullet in President Trump’s head, but your statement alleges that one (bullet) would solve a perceived problem you seem to have with him occupying the oval office.

    Yes, you were chastised by some of the members of the community and yes you did write a retraction of sorts, but if you had to write a retraction, then why did you write the OP in the first place? You should have contacted the staff first with a rough draft of what you wanted to post if you were unsure about the nature of it, how it might be perceived or if the content was of a PG-13 rating if you thought it may have been a violation of the TOS and we could have either given you a thumbs up or a thumbs down on the content and guided you in a direction that would have gotten your point across with out harming or allegedly wishing harm to another individual (the President of the United States).

    Do not blame the parents Smitty. YOU were the one that made what we deemed to be an ‘illegal’ post on our boards and now you must suffer the consequences of YOUR actions. We have members that ARE under the age of 37 and we have members that are over 65+. Yes, I agree that kids today have heard worse on the street, but that does not give one poetic license to violate the TOS of a PG-13 rated site.

    One doesn’t have to keep opinions to themselves, but in this day and age, one must be savvy on how they express those opinions.

    And one last note to reiterate an above statement:
    Your ban is only temporary. (30 days) You will be able to return after that (Nov. 16).

    1. Thank you Source. You know the old saying, ” you don’t appreciate something until it;s gone? ? that’s me. Yeah, I screwed up royally. I let the heat of the moment get me. In the future it won’t happen again.

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