For you – but only if it fits.

There you are – interacting with someone’s blog, enlightening them to a better perspective.

Interacting is easy on a blog site, no?  The freedom to comment with whatever spews from your brain is intoxicating, yes?

Aah – lovely orgasm.

I understand.  It is crazy out there.  I see it too.  I feel it too. The cruelty and confusion are enraging.  It feels good to release some of that venom others have handed you.

But – wait a minute – take a pause for a second.  Yes, you are right in whatever you say – at least somewhat.  Nonetheless, it is impossible, unless you are omnipotent, to know for sure what’s what.  And right off I can see that you do not know something.

Everyone on this site is here for the same reason.  We write and read hoping to expel this world’s poison – exactly like you.  We are all trying to figure a way out of this insanity.

Perhaps your depth of poison is deeper than most here but you might be surprised at how many share your exact frustration.

What a mess!  There was a time when authority defined this reality and humanity simply – like a machine.  Currently – we are being raped by the truth that it is way more complex than we had previously understood.  It is frustrating to be an intelligent human.

However, when we spray that poison, we are not so intelligent.  We magnify the problem instead of creating a solution.

Sure, I hear you.  Your reality is a mess, no fault to you.  It pisses you off and how lovely to hurt others like they have hurt you.

It is a release and you need it SO, as you say, suck it up!

I say – why don’t you suck it up.  Next time you are tempted to rape someone’s blog with your wittiness and cleverness,  take notice, we all think you are a fool.

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