For now

And there is a bristle left of the dusk

something left to grab on to as we strafe further into the night

I know we wont make it, we were coastal cast on a deep valley

between two contesting mountains

but thought remains, and her raft secures us an easy passage

And some time can pass and we’ll get over those rifts

and darlings we’ll all be there

some moonbeams some lighthouses some a bit lesser so

And wherever you are

for now, i know your here

8 thoughts on “For now”

  1. Nice. As always (as I remember), your words are so descriptive and build the image in our minds-eye so that we are not only reading your words but seeing them too. I still like your writing friend.

  2. Moon beams and lighthouses are what i painted for a long time. I recently got rid of all of my paintings. I had too many of them and no where to put them. i regret throwing away my moonlit lighthouses.

    1. I think I would have enjoyed the solitary nature of the old lighthouse keepers back in the day. Now, of course, it’s all electronically managed and the lighthouse keepers are but a distant memory.

      1. I would have loved to live in an old lighthouse and turn the light on every night. Just something spiritually romantic about lighthouses. A light for mankind.

    2. As the son of a lightkeeper I find a lot of myself both protected from the wave and one with it, we kids would follow the tide as it shown us some path to new sands. I leapt into world half foot and half fin, I’m glad your here to share this light.

      1. That is so neat that your father was a lightkeeper, what a dreamy childhood by the ocean and to play in a lighthouse? I have been to several lighthouses to tour over on the west coast .It was amazing to climb to the top and see the view. Excellent post Ben. It made me light and happy.

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