First Time

My hands shake. Heart is beating abnormally fast. Anxiety through the roof. I can hear the rush of blood flowing in my ears.

Made it through the security checkpoint. I hadn’t been on a plane or to the airport for that matter in years. Something I certainly wasn’t accustomed to. I pull out my phone, TSA continuing their pat downs and vigorous shoe inspections behind me. The group chat is full of nonchalant chatter about flight times and other nonsense as we all begin our various journeys to the same destination, some states away.

You’re already in the terminal. I message I just cleared through the checkpoint. You casually respond with an offer to meet up before our respective flights. My heart rate returning to normal and my chucks successfully laced, I figure why not. Some time to kill. I walk right past you sitting just outside the entrance. Turning around I lay my eyes on you. Cute, I think, but your face is buried in your writing and you can’t hear the world around you with those earbuds in. Not that you would want to, knowing you now. Walking up, I call your name. No answer. Moving closer, I call out again, a little louder. Still nothing. Finally, so close I can hear the sounds of your pen to paper, I wave my hand in front of your words to grab your attention.


You look up. We lock eyes.

My heart explodes out of my chest.


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