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First official vacation

Annecy's vacation

Should seriously stop procrastinating blogging!! lol
Anyways, I promised an update of our first vacation as normal people lol and here it goes.
It was freaking awesome… We had lots of fun, two full weeks of fun, of discovering the area, new activities.
The road was long, it took us approximately six hours to get there, but trust me it was worth the ride.
Once arrived at the location, the kids were disappointed to find out they had to share the same bedroom but it was OK because my son planned to go stay at his friend who lived nearby for a week.
We were in a sort of french alps chalet with a breathtaking view, surrounded by mountains, cows, beautiful view on the valley.
We visited Chamonix. Did lots of hiking, climbed a lot to see beautiful waterfalls. Went to see the highest mountain peak in the region “aiguille du midi” it was freezing up there but it was worth it.
My son and my husband had their first paragliding experience and they loved it. My daughter and I were a bit scared and preferred not to for the time being.
We did something everyday, discovering areas nearby, walking, skating, mini golf was on the menu .
I finally went to see my foster parents at Annecy and obviously was my favorite part of the whole vacation. I felt good to hug them again after so many years, they have grown old but their sweet faces never changed. They met my children and my husband and they were proud of me for the strong woman i have become . I felt so happy being there, it brought back all the memories, the kids were happy to see where their mother lived when she was young and they now understand why i never wanted to leave the place. We will come visit again as soon as all this covid crisis is gone.
Voilà ! Looking forward to the next vacation, I will post some photos here if I ever get to figure out how to.
Kisses from Paris.

4 thoughts on “First official vacation”

  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful time. I am so glad you got to enjoy your foster family. It is always good to visit the ones that love you. I like when you blog, you should do it more often.

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