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First Day of Autumn 9/22/20

Of course there is still smoke from the northern fires…..but it was so wonderful to be at the beach. I had to zoom in because there were so many Cruise Ships floating out there….

I absolutely LOVE fall …and to be at the beach at sunset was amazing. I really REALLY missed the ocean and have been back a few times since. I realized by going at sunset …the beach is almost empty so I don’t have to worry about breathing everyones air. When we drove over the bridge it looked creepy because you could see these large cruise ships all floating off the coast.

Anyhow….I also turned 52 last week. So we ordered steak sandwiches and put our chairs up on the sand and enjoyed the sunset. Birthdays are not a big deal for me…..and I prefer to just have dinner with my sons. And that is what we did. So yeah…..I feel lucky spending so much time at the beach.

8 thoughts on “First Day of Autumn 9/22/20”

    1. I love those kinds of pictures too.
      Do you remember looking through a ViewFinder? Some were little stories that had beautiful castles….and I always wanted to walk through those scenes. WHICH is impossible because they were created scenes. But some were so amazing.

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