First Day at New Job

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So today I started my new job. At first I had a nervous breakdown, but then it got better. I work with a woman who we will call Barbara. Barb, for short. Barb is a very sarcastic woman, but she seems nice. She doesn’t really yell either. She’s older, and very… um, I don’t know the word really. I kind of miss my old job and regret quitting though. I also met a woman named Colleen who seems nice enough. Turns out she is a writer, and an English major. She is getting her masters degree.

Colleen was definitely nice. She told me that she brings her tablet in at night and does school work, which is pretty cool. And we are allowed to have our phones out as long as it’s not by the register which is also cool. As long as we kind of keep busy, it’s okay. Like we are encouraged to stock the coolers during the day, and make sure coffee is being made.

The one thing that bothers me is the fact that the pumps aren’t prepay. People can drive away without paying, and if they do… YOU are responsible for it and it’ll come out of your check. That doesn’t seem fair to me though. I mean, why should we be responsible for someone else stealing?

That, and honestly I am getting less hours than I was promised. I was originally supposed to work 7 to 2 Monday through Friday. But now I am working 12 to 6 Monday and Tuesday, with Wednesday off, and then Thursday to Friday 7 to 2 and weekends off. So I am losing a day, and now only have 28 hours. I hate it because honestly I need as many hours as I can get and part of the reason I took the job is because it was in the morning so I could have time in the afternoon for my appointments. I’m a little pissed off and I honestly feel tricked. I wouldn’t have left my previous job if I had known that I wouldn’t have had the hours I was promised from the beginning. And my old job had some flaws but was really fucking good. I had 3 days off and didn’t have to stock because of my back. Sure the people kind of sucked but I was willing to deal with that. At least the job I have now pays a little more, but not by much.

But, it is what it is. I can’t exactly quit because in all honesty, I have been at a lot of jobs over the past year and a half and I kind of have to make this work. At least the people are nicer and it’s more relaxed. Even Barb. The coffee is still free. The store doesn’t have any pepsi products though. I hate it. They don’t even sell ginger ale which kinda sucks because I like ginger ale and I can’t exactly drink a lot of caffeine. (I have an issue with urinating too much and drinking caffeine seems to trigger it. I am drastically changing my diet and nothing seems to be helping.)

That and the bathroom seems kind of weird. There is an outside door, and an inside door. The inside door doesn’t lock from the inside and you can’t tell if someone is in the bathroom when you are trying to get in from the inside. The outside locks, and that’s how customers get in. Which sucks because as mentioned before; I have to use the bathroom a lot.

It is really a small gas station. The most frequent customers are regulars and construction people. Except in the winter, then we have a lot of skiers. But the skiers are the good customers apparently.

I don’t mind working the shifts I have but honestly I wish it were better. I had a chance at an administrative assistant job and honestly I should have gone for that one. It would’ve provided more hours.

But, such is life. I chose this job because I knew I had a better chance at getting it and the hours sounded better. Not anymore, of course. But, in the beginning.

Work will be interesting I guess. I’m not sure I like customer service though. Customers can get pretty annoying. Especially customers who happen to be tourists. They ask questions that I can’t answer. I am not very familiar with the town I am working in and people treat gas station cashiers like their own personal gps. Seriously, people ask for directions all the time and I know where nothing is. They constantly get annoyed when you can’t tell them where to go. Like, it’s not in my job description to know every little thing about the town. That and tourists are always kind of a little rude. We had tourists come in today and they spent ten minutes in the store looking at everything with weirded out looks on their faces and refusing to buy anything.

That and customers who buy lottery tickets. Casinos aren’t allowed in the state I am in. So, gambling addicts have to rely on lottery tickets. I had this one woman who would come in, when she had won something, she would want more lottery tickets instead of the cash. Let’s say that she had just won $25, well she would want that amount in lottery tickets. But she would make you do the math instead of doing it herself. It was annoying. That and they don’t care if they are holding up the line. I am sorry if you are one of these people, but I’ve never really experienced a polite lottery ticket customer. It could just be my area though.

Anyway, that’s it for now. I know this is a long post but I just had a lot to say.

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