It finally arrived…RAIN. We have been having an endless summer again. Finally feels like autumn.

I baked a few pumpkins yesterday to experiment with a few pumpkin pie recipes. I know I could just buy canned pumpkin….but why make things easy? ha! After I make them completely from scratch I can use canned the next time. I have an odd way of thinking.

THIS is one of the pies I will making. It just looked so good. Of course it’s Martha Stewart’s 😉

Alright…thats what’s happening here in California. Hope everyone is doing well and getting into the seasonal spirit.

4 thoughts on “FINALLY!”

  1. So…..I made one pie so far and the pie filling was so good. Almost like a hot pumpkin pudding, I made fresh whipped cream sweetened with maple syrup which is the only kind of whipped cream anyone should have. But….the crust wasn’t so good. I think I over handled it. And I used Land o Lakes unsalted butter when I should have used Kerry Gold Irish Butter. I had bought a big box of KerryGold from Costco but didn’t realize at the moment it was supposed to be unsalted. So I ran to the local market and this was the only unsalted butter they had. Anyhow….back to the filling. I was reading recipes for crustless pumpkin pie and thought who would like that? The crust is so good. (When made right) But after eating the warm pie filling….I get the crustless fans now. Yes….its healthier too. But I also believe we only really indulge this time of year so I am ok with a real butter buttery pie crust.
    Oh ….my sons had already taken a piece before I realized I didn’t get a picture. I am going to make one more pie this weekend and see if I can get the crust right. If not….I am going to settle for frozen pie crust. And I won’t feel bad about it. I don’t get how I can’t get the crust right. I know I have issues with bread….I can’t get it right when I try to make it. It’s all in how the dough is being handled. BUT…I make some awesome scones. And those are really tricky to make with all the butter. Oh well. Enough talk…….I need some sleep. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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