One cookie down……99 to go.

I baked my cookies last night at midnight and finished around 3am. With my sister in town it has been non stop go go go. I finally got home around 7pm tonight and had time to order pizza and put my feet up before my nephew called and wanted to go see a 10:45pm showing of Aquaman. NO WAY…..I have to decorate my cookies and bake some banana bread and as much fun as seeing a movie will be ….staying home decorating cookies is calming for me. So off my sister went as I sit in silence humming away.

There is no way I can go into detail on these cookies….simple is the way this year. And squiggly lines will have to do too.

Hope all of you are well and all ready for this Christmas.

A belated Happy Solstice to all.

6 thoughts on “Finally…..quiet.”

  1. My beloved Grammy would always say ” these aren’t fit to eat ” if things didn’t turn out perfectly, but you know what? we all found all her goodies yummy no matter what they looked like. Last night I was up till 4 AM,,, homemade chocolate eclairs, whoopie pies with a Christmas twist and a red velvet cake with snowy white frosting. Expecting a houseful of family and friends for Christmas Eve.

    Merry Christmas!

    1. Oh my gosh… did all that while I was sitting and painting cookies. I think I envy you 😉

      I just finished prepping my stuff for tomorrow and am about to head to bed.

      Merry Christmas to you Smitty.

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