Feeling under the weather….my mood has been dampened

And now I know why.

For the last few days, I have felt down. Yesterday in particular, I felt down and out, depressed, sorry for myself. All those emotions were incredible and i resorted to going out to eat in an attempt to stop the apparent depression. In addition, there has been moisture in the house that is usually rare, as in not there, and now I know why.

Today, it finally occurred to me to check on what was going on with the weather. First i found it was not particularly hot here in New Orleans, although it has felt extremely muggy. Now that, two is explained.

We are facing the probable touch down of a tropical storm/hurricane this evening. New Orleans is below sea level in parts of the city, and the humidity is usual high. I have been known to take a walk around the block and come back in, covered with water, from condensation from the wetness in the air. That would also explain the “moisture in the house” that I reported above. The condensation from the atmosphere ends up being part of the ground water.

So now I know why I feel “under the weather”. I really was almost in a literal sense. Once there is a few more downpours, and the humidity goes down, I will feel better. In fact, due to an extremely hard rain last night, I already do.

Moisture is a lot less debilitating when it is on and in ground instead of suffocating one from the air. Glad to finally know what is going on. That also makes me feel better.

8 thoughts on “Feeling under the weather….my mood has been dampened”

  1. Well I have to say I am happy you are feeling better.
    It’s funny how the weather can get to us in different ways.
    I love a walk in the rain…..but a walk in the HuMiDiTy???? NO thank you. Uh uh.
    I usually spend a few months in the summer in South Dakota and the humidity can be horrid. But I know its nothing like what you get. Since retiring I pretty much wear 100% cotton clothing. But in South Dakota I buy lots of gauze and really light cotton because the summer heat is so different. And getting older…..I feel those changes in my bones.

    Over here…..my wrist was bothering me with my shoulders. And I couldn’t figure out what was going on. I do my best to avoid pills….but sometimes I pop a ibuprofen. when my arthritis hums all day….sometimes 2 days…ill pop a few. I have a high tolerance for pain so I am pretty good and ignoring it. But if I have to pop a Ibuprofen…..I am feeling something. And dodo bird realized we had clouds roll in and had light rain. Again……my bones were talking to me. I think being caught up in all this protesting and horrible videos we didn’t even notice our weather.

    Don’t go float away on us now ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. wow, I am assuming you are saying it is hot in South Dakota. I would never have thought of that. I would have expected it would be a lot cooler there than in southern California.I learn something new every day.

  2. It’s a different heat. The days are always different. Summer storms roll in and out ….it can be cold….HUMID….a humid heat for me is worse than any heat we get here. So it may not be as bad for you…but my interpretation of it is BAD.
    We set up camp and live off the grid for a week. AND its so beautiful. We go to a Sundance that my Grandfather is the Leader of. He is a Healer. Many of my Grandfathers are Healers and all held/Hold their own Gatherings.
    Though camping in that kind of weather can be brutal….the beautiful part of it outshines all of it. Sitting around a fire at night watching the night sky telling stories. Watching the morning sun rise above the hills…..its amazing and good for the spirit.

      1. Ha! Camping is amazing. But I admit…we are spoiled campers. We have those big canvas tents that can withstand any storm. We have beds and carpet covering the floors. We have stoves we cook on. We set up a long arbor that we cook under and sit under. So it’s not like really roughing it…like sleeping on the ground. WHICH I have done too.

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