Feeling Dirty

I’m a mom to a wild little one year old

I have a boyfriend who loves me deeply and unconditionally

Yet, I yearn for someone else.

Someone else who I never got the chance to experience life with. We were young and didn’t have the guts to tell each other how we felt…even though we already knew the feeling was mutual. These feelings of ours came to light about two weeks ago and I feel sick for wanting to be with him. I have a beautiful family but I sometimes wish I had my freedom back. I am 21 and I fear that my regrets will get the best of me, that I will screw everything up.

How do I cope?

2 thoughts on “Feeling Dirty”

  1. Well, you could avoid your “unrealized” flame like the plague he is to your happy family and instead of fantasizing or daydreaming about him, focus on making your boyfriends fantasies about you come true…or throw every good thing you’ve got away for a maybe. Your call.

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