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Everyone has a favorite something, favorite food, drink, song, season, show, but when it comes to people it’s almost an unspoken rule that favorites are something that exists but shouldn’t be spoken of. This is especially true when it comes to favorite children.

Most parents would agree that when it comes to their children they love them all equally. But even the best of parents have had moments where one child is making it very difficult to stay impartial. Whether it be bad behavior, rebellion or just plain childhood antics, kids know how to push buttons. However, when it becomes vocalized and expressed it is no longer acceptable. To constantly hear that they are “unfavored” is difficult for anyone to hear let alone an innocent child.

That’s where my story begins and it is what shaped the person I’ve become today. Because that kid was me. It was hard to hear the first dozen times and it never got any easier but part of you just becomes numb to such things. Today that fact hit me a little harder than usual when I was discussing childhood with a colleague. It made me realize how abnormal that kind of upbringing is and how it affects me even now.


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  1. Geeez….reading this hit me in the heart. I am so sorry you experienced something like that. I can”t imagine a parent liking one child more over the others. I had 7 siblings and not once did I feel one of us was favored. I have 3 sons and my love for them is indescribable. It’s something that just is. They were and are my reason….and you can’t measure or explain that. All were one to me….not one was more or less.
    I really can’t imagine what you went through…..but it made me so sad trying to.

    Welcome to Thinkr Lulu.

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