Farewell and Hello

Here is my first blog, heavily influenced by sentimental pulls from my beloved Thoughts.com.  The signs were flashing what may be but I hoped their promise would not come true.

Unfortunately for me, I happened on Thoughts.com when my knowledge of blogging and site format was negligible.  I did feel very comfortable but had no idea that Thoughts would tick off all my boxes for many years to come.  Even in its neglected status, it still does.

Even though my love affair with Thoughts’ site continues burning hot, its creators are unplugging its life support.  Thoughts will be no more.  For me, it cannot be replaced and will remain a perfection in my life.

Although I did go through upheavals while blogging there, the site’s format continues comparatively unmatched. In my frustrated phases, I would search and join another site but to my surprise, there was nothing that pleased me more than Thoughts.com.  Once again using the words from an Eagles’ song some of us coined, “You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave.”, Thoughts.com remains the best.  I tried many other sites including WordPress of which Thinkr.xyz is attached and they all failed to capture my heart.

Now having no choice, sadly I walk away, pining for a place that cannot be replaced.  As I ache with the loss, I turn to reality and what is available – a new adventure, a new story to create.

I am comforted that some loyal Thoughts lovers who seem to feel the same way, who, still there – holding on and hoping, are now perhaps reluctantly climbing into this new ship.  Thoughts may not be replaceable but new love affairs are always possible.

All the same, “Here’s to you Thoughts.com, I love what you were and will never forget you.”


8 thoughts on “Farewell and Hello”

  1. I found Thoughts.com just when I needed a new purpose in my life and it exceeded all of my expectations. I have friendships that fare beyond the virtual world and my life is so much richer for that. I am hoping this will some day be as easy and comfortable as T.com was and that the group participation and effort makes this a respite for the lovers and dreamers, humanitarians and philosophers, poets and writers we all know and love (and hopefully new ones!). So happy you’re here, my friend. <3

    1. Hey, dear one! I was happy to see that you are here too! Was curious to blog and see how the site functioned. I was disappointed and alarmed when finding that comments on my blog showed the author’s personal email and internet location. This concerns me quite a bit. Not sure what to do about it. Any suggestions? Do you know of a way to express concerns to the powers that be? The best feature so far, replies can be edited! I don’t know how often I would reply to a comment and once posted, realize that it made little sense.

  2. I didn’t have the patience (gasp!) to stay with all the ups and downs at our beloved Thoughts.com. I tried other sites as you did and found them function but wow…wanting! In short, there were blogs (a lot of them about cats, you’ll be shocked to learn) but no soul. No family like we had on Thoughts. Oh, I popped back a few times to see if the problems were fixed. They were worse, and not just the site: someone had left the cellar door open and some rats got in. It was too ugly. I always missed “the good ole days” and hoped that they’d come back… Maybe here they can. Y’think?

    1. Great to see you are here! Yes, the rats were annoying and I blocked them but nevertheless, they influenced the atmosphere and unfortunately, some may make it over here. I see that comments offered need approval. It is early days but I think that feature may be appreciated if the rats appear. But having personal email and internet location listed on all the comments concerns me. I am pretty sure that is not a good feature!

  3. Sadly, I will miss Thoughts too. Like you I tried many other sites but none of them were a match for Thoughts.com. I, too, tried WordPress and found it lacking. Now here we are.

  4. i too will miss thoughts, but it had changed so much in format over the years that my walking away now is just…well moving on. same name, different place..blog on!
    Hi Greunie…nice to see a friendly face..um name…lol

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