Sometimes family members are the ones that hurt you the most. You would think it would be a complete stranger or a friend who would do it the most.

My cousin is always there for her family no matter what has happened in the past between them and does not put the others down by calling names or anything like that. Though she does get mad and upset at family.

I wish my in-laws were the same way. But they are not. They call people names and put down people it dont have to be family or not. No matter how much u have changed your life around to help them out. It seems they do not appreciate it. They also like to try to take advantage of people and get them to do things they do not feel comfortable doing.

I have done a lot of things for them feeling uncomfortable about it. I did it because they were family. I got accuse of many things that weren’t true and everything else. IT is hard to try to stay on their good side. And forbid if you have  an opinion that is different than theirs. They start a whole fight over something that they are against even if it is true.

Right now my biggest issue is the fact that my husband called to tell them whats going on and to see how they are doing but instead of them being thoughtful as to seeing how hes doing, they start to jump on him because we haven’t made it to see them. So they can see the new addition to our family. With his schedule and money we cant go right now and i am about to start work again so it is going to be extra hard for us to get away.  Especially when we have appointments for the little one with her condition. They yelled about everything in the moon to him. They ask the continual question of when u coming over and don’t even ask me how i am doing. I am just fed up with it.

I do not know what to tell my husband when he wants to cry because of how his parents treat him. i just wish his parents would be more nice and considerate to his feelings too. My husband is always considering their when he tries to think of things to do with them and for them but they do not care unless they want it to happen.  My husband is at a loss now cause he wants to go see them so they get off his back but we can’t do it. and even though i do not want to see them, i would go for him. I do not care to much for them because of how they treat people and how they act. IT is so hard because i do not know what to say to my husband every time they do that.

My dad and his family never treats him the way his does. except his one sister and niece which is how i met him. my dad and stepmom treats him like a person no matter if they are mad at him or disagree with him or anything. My cousin helps out whenever he can and everything. i guess every family is different. i wish his family was more (to say anyways) nice. But, i gotta feeling it is not going to happen.

Thanks for reading.

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