Falling head over hills in love with you thinking of the way that I will love you for all the days of our lives so even when life is over for one of us my love will still be connected to you for I’ve falling deep in love with you not speaking with the lust that I’m feeling even though I would love to experience those moments with you I’m looking to make love to your heart there is a place you will forever have to lie which is my heart never feeling you would take that love for granted thinking that my love will get you through any kind of day never thought that I’d a fell so far in your well of love that I wouldn’t be able to get out which I wouldn’t want to get out of for your my hydration love so I’ve falling head over hills in love with you straight in your well of love You don’t make me feel like I have to try so hard to make you smile nor do I have to have the flashy things to make a lasting impression on you. Never feeling I have to lie or be unfaithful to you in order to meet your approval and that’s what helped me to fall and keep falling in love with you every day. Every waking moment of the day rather I’m at work or resting my eyes is spent in think on a way to make your life better and bring a happiness to your life that will last forever. Don’t feel you have to buy or beg for my affection nor will you feel the love that I give is warranted for it’s more than warranted but it’s deserved. I’ve falling into a space where it’s only you and me

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