Face Mask Litter

I’m noticing more and more of this lately – walking out of a stores, work, and other public places and there laying on the ground is someone’s discarded, dirty old facemask. Yuk! I’ve even seen them in parks now, laying on the ground. As I left our neighborhood park the other day, I saw one hanging from the branch of a small tree! This is disgusting.

Personally, I have mixed feelings about face masks. I definitely think it should be up to the individual, but at the same time remembering to keep proper social distance, your hands clean, etc. I remember when this whole thing with Covid started; one of the main recommendations you would hear was to not touch your face. I see people messing with their faces more than ever while wearing face masks!

I wish people wouldn’t be so gross and uncaring for the environment. I mean, really? People are wearing face masks to protect their health and that of others, but they have such complete disregard for the planet they live on? I just don’t get it. When going hiking and backpacking, there’s this rule called LNT. It stands for leave no trace. In other words, you pack out your garbage. You keep the forest and trails clean.

2 thoughts on “Face Mask Litter”

  1. I notice it too. But I also know…..after opening the car door during 40 mph winds in South Dakota I watched 3 mask take off from inside the car fly down the parking lot never to be seen again by me at least. Sometimes its not intentional….but I felt horrible about it.
    I also keep a box of gloves & Mask in the car and I always make efforts to pick up what I see. My sons were grossed out about it at first….but I told them I have these gloves here….see? So after I watched those 3 mask disappear…..I didn’t feel SO bad because I know I picked up more mask then that. But it still felt a little bad.

    I have an issue with mask because I don’t like having something on my mouth…and nose for a long period of time. I feel like I am suffocating. But I found ways to make it better for me. I ordered these small plastic cages that go under the mask and it leaves a space over your mouth and nose so nothing is touching your lips. It was such a relief. And after learning that trick I started wearing a disposable mask with the mask I make over it. And those disposable mask leave space between your mouth and the mask. When I was putting the disposable mask/filter into the middle of the mask I made….the cloth was getting into my mouth and I couldn’t stand it. AND…I now discovered that if you wear a kn95 mask under the 2 layered cloth mask…..you have so much room between the mask and mouth because the kN95’s have a stiffer structure. I ordered every type of mask available……and made every type of mask I found on youtube.
    I know….this isn’t forever so I try to make the best of the situation.
    Now my next purchase may be a battery operated mask that pumps fresh filtered air into the mask and blows filtered air out. The small pump gets strapped around your upper arm and the tube leads into the mask. I have to do more research on this.
    Anyhow….. my son thinks people will be wearing mask even after the vaccine is available to all. I think its possible because not everyone will get the vaccine.

    That could be a good community project? Spending an hour or 2 walking the neighborhood picking up used mask. We do a beach clean up a few times a year. It feels wonderful doing our part. And you can’t try to figure those people out who leave such a mess. It will drive you crazy.

  2. Ah Monica, you have such a good heart! I hadn’t thought about those things blowing in the wind, but that could certainly account for some of the face masks I’m seeing – especially the disposable ones. If only everyone could be as conscientious as yourself, though. And that’s the issue I have with the masks too – not being able to stand them against my mouth like that. I’ll have to try some of your suggestions, thank you!

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