A Sixth Sense


  1. the power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.

The few family members that we have, from my mother’s maternal side, have always had an uncanny intuition of sorts. It’s hard to explain but I’m going to try. The simple ability to think about the day ahead and foresee what will transpire. For me, it usually happens with certain images, words/phrases or actions being shown to me in my mind. The reasoning will then be transparent to me throughout the day. An example would be when I went to have an exam at the doctor’s and I pictured apples. Sure enough, while I was lying on the table, I saw an apple tree picture the doctor or nurse had taped to the top of the ceiling. Or when I was really nervous about going to visit a new doctor for the first time. I kept overthinking in my head and somehow the focus became on angels. When I went to that doctor’s office they had hung stained glass angel’s around the inside door. 

Although there are other ways that I have seen into events yet to happen. I do believe that it depends on the situation and how dire but my dreams can reveal what is yet to come. An example of this would be when I dreamt about being in the car with four of my friends from high school and a specific intersection while I was driving them home from school. I had dreamt of all of them being in the car together. That was highly unusual because I had never driven that many girls home that day. Plus, it was not planned for me to take them all home. Yet, as I was pulling out of the parking lot of the high school my dream from the previous night popped into my mind. I began to tell my friends about the dream and shortly thereafter we stopped at the same intersection that I dreamt of and seen us getting into an accident. For some reason, that I still can’t explain to this day, when the light turned green I did not immediately step on the gas and proceed driving. Thank goodness. Possibly 5 seconds later a car ran the red light in the opposite direction. If I had proceeded, then the approaching vehicle would have hit me directly on the driver’s side. I still wonder to this day if I would have survived or been killed instantly. 

I usually avoid telling other people this information. Today’s society seems to want to label anything that they do not understand or cannot define. You talk to yourself in your mind? You are able to see things that have not happened? It must be a mental illness. So they try to classify and clarify, but until society accepts that there are some things in life you cannot explain, then I guess I will remain an enigma. 

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  1. Not to all of us. There are more people than you realise who experience ‘unexplained phenomena’. Don’t try to explain it to others. It is ineffable.

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