“Exaggerated #’s” n this n that

One of the multitude of insecure conspiracy theories spread by Trump and his lemmings is that Democrats are “exaggerating, or inflating” the numbers of COVID victims in order to weaken Trump. It never ceases to amaze and amuse me how incredibly emotionally insecure Trump is. A supposed “billionaine” who makes a living on twitter whimpering, whining and bellyaching constantly about being a “victim,” and how humanity itself is “conspiring” against him.

Paranoid delusion!

The term MSM means nothing more than any media who reports anything that Trump and his common sense devoid base dont agree with or dont want to hear. Anytime trump or his supporters yada about “fake news,” what they arecreferring to is any truth that trump can amplify to draw attention to himself. This insecure, whining babblebrook craves attention the way maggots crave kaka.

Trump, and the cult of people supporting him are fond of referring to critics of right wing extremists as “sheep(le),” which amuses me no end considering the large number of these cultists who are long time floowers of Rush Limbaugh, fond of the nickname “dittohead” who apparently have no comprehension the meaning of the term “ditto.”

The people who accumulate, code, diagnose and document the deaths and victims of COVID, or firearm deaths for that matter, are not conspirators, or anti-this or that dissidents. They are just people doing their everyday jobs, and the statistics and data resultant their efforts can be verified and authenticated easily.

The people around the country doing these jobs are not all political operatives on a mission, with a collaborated agenda

.They are just human beings, from all walks of life, doing their job, earning a living.

Why are the kind of people supporting Trump all so prone to conspiracy theories, propaganda and fear mongering?

Everything is exaggerated to them.

They exaggerate threats from Muslims, from immigrants, pigmented people, firearm safety advocates, this person or group, and that person or group.

They seem to have a perverse aversion to reality itself.

So gullible and easily manipulated by fear tactics.

I don’t know how much off if is because of the toxic influences they all seem to be collectively drawn to it or perhaps just a general tendency of the amygdala swollen variety human being to embrace nonsense and the supporting of ideologies inconsistent with and contradictory to their own interests.

No, Democrats, nor anyone else need worry or bother themself with conspiring against Trump or exaggerating and inflating his negatives.

Trump is the greatest magnifier and amplifier of his ignorance, ineptness and idiocy. Trump is hiss own worst enemy.

He can’t help himself. He is a creature of impulsive and impetuous behavior.

He has no self control or self discipline, and he is easily manipulated and played by his own insecurities and vanities.

Trump is not attracting any new supporters with his behavior and clowning troll show. He seems to go out of his way to cause MORE deaths in nursing homes, among seniors, driving his most solid voting block even further away with his constant attacks on Social Security and Medicare.

November is going to be a bloodbath for the GOP, and I think they know it, and are trying to do as much damage to America and Americans as possible on the way out the door.

I think what drives a lot of his supporters is just stubborn, spiteful defiance for defiance sake.

Because they are are sorely lacking common sense as they are lacking integrity, honour, or dignity.

And I think they know it.

2 thoughts on ““Exaggerated #’s” n this n that”

  1. Nobody, I don’t think the numbers are inflated at all. The CDC and the health departments of 50 different states is not likely to be involved in a huge conspiracy that would call for. In fact, I trust the CDC, until that, trump gets ahold of them at which they may be ordered to lie pretty much the way he has corrupted the DOJ to stop the trail of Flynn even after he confessed not once but twice to his lying…and trump himself actually fired him for lying.

    Now suddenly they do an old switcheroo and he is suddenly innocent. I saw somebody inquire just how trump is going to justify having fired Flynn if he is so innocent.

    Oh, probably I know. He will just lie and say he didn’t he never fired, kind of like he said he never made fun of the handicapped reporter or confessed that he fired Comey “because of that Russian thing”…even though he is on tape doing it.

  2. To clarify, the recording is public….of him making fun of the disabled reporter. The Russian thing was one of his hundreds of tweets that he seems to send out almost every day,

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