Everything is Temporary

I’ve never been in this situation before. I’ve never had feelings for someone, not acted on them, and watched them fall for someone else. See, the only other time I had feelings for someone – you know who you are 😛 – we tried something and it didn’t work out, and that was okay in the end. Slightly different situation maybe, as well.

But this . . . this is a learning experience. I feel like I now understand more about what my exes go through, hearing about the new guys, it’s tough. It can get you down. But I also, even with all that, I almost still feel like I am handling it better than the druid did. I’m being supportive, and I don’t let it get to me while I am with him and I don’t tell him when I get down about it. It’s not for me to begrudge him this happiness after all. She seems like a great girl, and I’ve known for a while he never would be mine. (He knows this)

Hehe, I thought of this line – “I am but a supporting character in his story.” – and I really actually like it. We all are, after all, supporting characters of other’s stories, and we really have to try to make the choice to be a positive impact on them. We all mess up . . . which is something I am trying to accept . . . but all we can do is try to be good to the people around us. This is my role here, in this job, in this place, knowing it’s temporary.

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