How is everybody doing around the Globe?

Has anyone noticed that in all startrek series, be it DS9, TNG, Voyager etc etc, all civilizations in the various Planets only had some hundred of thousands or the most some millions of people on them only?

Those series predict the future, there is no way anything can move forward with billions of people that all about that they care for is, making wars, living a life to make more money, ethics to the bottom, main motto the power so to be respected and adored by most of people without functional brain cells that is…lol.

It is therefore very important for someone to understand the following concept,

” you are nothing other than a dust in the infinite of the universe”

and as such every action, thought and move of yours in this Planet is just as useless as you are…hahahaha.

ok, now to the positive thought of day…

there is still peace, not for long though.

And yet again, the “long” can be defined as space time definition or if in Earth time definition, you can define it as human time, ant time, bee time, concrete time etc etc…so there is no guarantee that the “long” is actually long, it all depends on how you take it…LOL!

Now to all the rest dust particles that may read this post, beware of the wind…LOL!

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