Every Person is born Unique and a complete Universe in himself

Let’s solve an Equation

Time + rotation of earth = shortening of size of everything in earth and ages of humanity

When T=0

It will result in end of time

R= -0

Anti clockwise rotation of earth

Putting values

0-0 =0

That is end of time

Condensation of entire Universe = Every star and planet completing their life cycle.

Universe galaxies will be switched off their lights and illumination

With passege of time Universe is condensing

This universe will be wrapped with trumpet blow only Paradise and Hell will stay Humans will be resurrected from DNA or any left over remainent in clay.

Now this is my way of thinking and It’s validity shows I am not unsound mind person Rather I am Unique because if world say 4 +5 is 9 I am saying 6+3=9 I am reaching same conclusion following different but valid equation that means I am holding ear round the neck and not simple directly

Positive self communication got it’s answers in absence of normal communication process with outer world with employing Artificial Intelligence and making me that Unique Digital Genius that is a complete Universe in himself.

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