Ever Vacation Alone?

I’m curious… Have you ever vacationed alone?  I’m at that point in my life where my children are grown and have families of their own.  I don’t have any “significant other” in my life right now but I’m ready to see something new.  I do have a male friend that my daughter laughingly calls my “companion” but his health is declining now and he has little desire to go anywhere.  I have places on my bucket list I would like to start seeing, even if it is every couple of years.  We have been doing a family vacation around the time of my grandson’s birthday every year but we really don’t go see or do anything on those.  It’s all about spending the time together.

I’ve talked to my best friend about doing the “girls get away” or something but she has one kid in college and two in junior high with college ahead of them.  Her reply is always, “Gee, it sure sounds like fun but…” and we move on to other subjects.  I don’t know where to go from here.  I hate the idea of my retirement in 5 years and then here I sit.  Would that be all I have to look forward to?  What would you do?  What would you suggest I do?

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  1. Ever since we moved here (mid michigan) on seventeen acres after hubby and I retired we really have not gone anywhere. We used to go nearly every weekend in the summer but hubby says we camp every day on this property there is no other place he would rather be.
    I have gone for one night stays with a girlfriend in the past. I have gone to Colorado to meet an online girlfriend for a week but that is about it. Go for it, just do it wisely, safety in numbers but you can still go and see and enjoy who knows who you will meet. wink wink

  2. I have been thinking about the same thing.

    I just turned 49 last week and I retired at 48. I always planned on retiring early to jump to phase 2 of my life plan. But….it seems like I just blinked and it’s here. So things were not going easy for me in the start of phase 2. Towards the end of my career I was already doing the footwork to open my business and dealing with the city was a hassle.
    It was going smoothly at first and all of sudden red tape here and issues there. I finally decided to just drop it until I officially quit work and when that time came……I didn’t want to deal with it. And my sons encouraged me to just relax and enjoy freedom for awhile. So……thats what I have been doing. I am going to start my business ….just in a year or two.
    I did plan an Alaskan cruise for September and I dropped it to come back to my parents house in South Dakota again. I retired in March and this is my 3rd time up here. And this time it’s been over 6 weeks. My parents are in their mid 70’s and just being here with them feels good. I am enjoying shopping with them….for them….taking them to their Drs appointments. Helping in their garden…..going to bingo with them. Just being with them.
    But I think I’m going back to San Diego in a few weeks and will schedule a short cruise. The thing is….all my friends are all still working.
    And yes…I have a few male friends who want to come but a few still work as well and one is retired but he is going to therapy for his Vertigo. (which I also have but thats a story for another time)

    Anyhow…..I want to try one cruise alone. I actually want to walk the Pacific Coast Trail alone too. But having 3 sons who are OVER protective may make this impossible.

    I think it’s exciting to try SOME things alone.

    1. OH man… I suffer vertigo too. Mine comes and goes though usually prompted by significant stress (a lot of dispatchers suffer from this).

      You are right to take the time and be with your parents now. You can never get that time back with them once gone. Enjoy it.

      My dip into the vacation pool was joining a couple of former dispatcher collegues who were planning a girl’s 3 days in Vegas in January. Figures. I literally came to the decision to join them last night and I wake to all the madness that occurred there overnight. Maybe this scaredy-cat is just as well at home.

      1. I too am hesitant to go anywhere these days with all the madness around the world.
        But I think I’m just gonna do some research and find some vacation spots that are off the beaten path.
        I just read a book called The Matchmaker by Elin Hilderbrand, The story is set on Nantucket Island. It actually made me want to visit the Island. I would never had wanted to visit the place prior to reading the book. It’s not France or London….but it is a place I have never been. I am still eventually going to go to France. But to small towns also off the beaten path.

        Anyhow…..years ago my first bout of Vertigo was stress induced and I hadn’t even realized it. The Dr told me he felt it was work related. I said…..no way….work is easy. So 2 weeks later after my world stops spinning I go back to work and am sitting in my office when my boss enters and sits down and starts talking. As soon as I heard her voice the room started to spin. I had to walk out and it stopped. IT WAS HER. She was a shady character who I knew was dishonest and conniving.

        Today my vertigo is an inner ear thing. I learned techniques to get it too stop.

        I know Vegas seems like a dark place now….but I hope you and the girls have a good time where ever you go.

  3. There is absolutely no reason you can’t vacation alone if you want to. I have a friend on another blogging site that only last year, she went on a world tour, completely alone and had a blast! When she returned home, she posted pics and video of every major city or country she visited. She never ran into any problems, ate well, enjoyed the sights and even made friends along the way. She’s just returned from another trip to Bali and is posting pics of that adventure. I say…..while you can, and if that’s what you want to do….do it!! Life is too short. Live it as you feel you can! 🙂


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