“Eurovision Song Contest”

ABSOLUTELY LOVED this movie. The trailer explains it all. I pretty much had given up on watching Will Ferrel movies because the last few seemed so bad. I say seemed because I only watched the trailers and they were horrible.

The Eurovision contest is a real thing and so few American have ever heard of it. And this movie isn’t really too far fetched when it comes to the acts…and maybe the process the groups go through to get there isn’t either but I wouldn’t know that part.

Anyhow…..I found this movie so entertaining and so funny. I hope you watch it.

9 thoughts on ““Eurovision Song Contest””

  1. Can’t say I could relate on the enjoyment of this film. I thought it was utterly awful, but different strokes for different folks.

    1. IT WAS horrible acting…..but that “I thought” was part of the stupid humor of the film. Americans don’t usually watch foreign shows like this or find foreign shows too odd. And in this movie they kinda emphasized that awkwardness.

    1. Like I mentioned in my response above….it is stupid humor. And add Americans acting like foreigners in a silly movie?
      I say give it a shot. I still don’t like Will Ferrel….but this movie is funny.

    1. GLAD YOU LIKED IT! I am like you……dont care much for Will Ferrel. I loved him on Saturday Night Live when he first became famous. I did enjoy his first few hits….actually enjoyed him in Daddy’s Home & Daddy’s Home 2. Well….I guess I should say it’s a hit and miss with him.

      Anyhow….he played this role well.

      1. I don’t think he was that bad on SNL, but that was because of the ensemble cast. When he is the main or only character, he tends to just come across as silly. There wasn’t that much of it in this movie. Maybe he is getting better?

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