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I have no idea what I am about to say. I’ve started typing in the hope something intelligible will result. (“Profound” or “wise” or “enriching” will have to await another day!) has started to look interesting at exactly a point in my life where I feel another metamorphosis in progress: committing a few words to paper on occasion may be useful. And doing it in Blogland seems a little less sterile than filling notebooks on a bookshelf or files in a folder.

Right now I feel a bit rusty and out of practice. But I love the idea of finding a written voice again.

Anyway, Bloglanders – I wish you an excellent day, and an excellent new year. And if “excellent” feels out of reach right now, then I wish you a moment’s respite from the chaos, for a breath or two to help you weather the storm.

6 thoughts on “Erm…”

  1. Well WELCOME BACK who ever you are and glad you decided to actually write something. MANY people keep popping in but just look and don’t write anything. Even it it’s silly nonsense writing (which seems to be the norm lately ☺️) let it rip.
    I may or may not know you under any other name…..I joined Thoughts in 2009. Never was a blogger…..forums were my jam. Been bugging Ben ever since to bring them back 🙃 Until that happens…I just write to fill our days and months of VOID here.
    Glad to see more people here….and very glad to see we may get more to read.

    Again…welcome back/home.

      1. Weren’t they fun? It was fun for silly banter and we didn’t invade someone’s blog who may have wanted to carry on a serious debate. Well…there were serious topics as well on the forums….but there was a place for it all there.

  2. Welcome back to Thoughts my friend. This place is like a diary that talks back. Much better than a paper diary. There is something deep in it for me, because I find fulfillment in keeping a live diary and to have people care about my feelings. Just write what is on your mind for the day.

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