Early Holiday Anxiety

It’s September and firstly I am so grateful to have my son home from England. I will only have him until November before he returns to his “love”. We were and are hoping travel restrictions are lifted so she could come spend some time here with us. So he is just taking it week by week until things change. While I am happy he is home ….my up in the air plans were to go to South Dakota for a few weeks to spend the Holidays with my parents. Maybe 2-3 weeks. I talked with my other sons about what I am hoping to do a month ago and ran the idea of them joining me there in time for Christmas and New Years and we can all come home together. We didn’t share this “Up in the air” idea with anyone because I don’t want to get hopes up high until all plans are concrete. Since my middle son is back until November he wants to go visit my parents for a week or two before he heads back to England. He wants to go visit over Halloween because Halloween is my mothers favorite time of the year and it is a big deal at her house. So he asked me to go with him because he wants to shop at a few of the museums for gifts for her parents. So I had to ponder that because I was planing on going in December. Not saying I can’t go twice…he is paying for everything so it isn’t a money issue….but we would be risking it with hotel stays and quarantine time. With the uncertainty of Corona I just don’t want to put my parents at risk or myself at risk. Lately my other sons are expressing their concerns of traveling. So…..we may just stay home over the holidays.

NOW…..I have been having these crazy ideas about what we could do here if we stay home. One idea “Plan A” I had was to put a snow making machine on our roof and let it run for one or two hours a night. The back of our house is off a side of a mountain and to sit here and watch the snow fall through our windows would be AMAZING. And I would imagine it would look amazing from the down the hill. Of course my sons are calling me CRAZY. I got that idea from a local outdoors shopping center that would have snowfall nightly at a set time during the holidays. I was just walking buy and people were gathered in the middle all dressed in winter coats and voila….snow was falling from the top of the buildings. To have that in San Diego was beautiful. Plan B is looking for snow flake projectors that can be set up down the hill so the whole back of our house looks like snow is falling. I am currently thinking of a Plan C and maybe a Plan D.

I know I may be thinking too far ahead because today I got my Balsam Hill Autumn Catalog. The fall decor is so beautiful. My sons again reminded me I have ENOUGH fall decor already.

Anyhow…..just sharing these crazy thoughts of mine.

2 thoughts on “Early Holiday Anxiety”

  1. Oh my goodness! I love your creative ideas. Can you believe this may interfere with our family time during the holidays. I was Hope we could see some sort of reprieve by now and then of course I got sick , too. I hope it works out that you can make the trip to see your mom during Halloween. Safety first 😱. Lots to consider. Good luck making holiday decisions.

  2. I think I knew nothing would be the same this whole year and probably half of next year but I keep holding out hope that a miracle will happen and I can fly everywhere. I know its just my anxious side that misses date night….movies…brunch with my friends….road trips. But I step back and see the bigger picture. My parents are safe in their nook in South Dakota. My little family here is safe and healthy in our nook. It is such a small space in time that we have to make these sacrifices for the health and welfare of the whole…..yet I still just want to rip my mask off at times. Yes…I guess I can act like a spoiled brat sometimes. Ha!

    I think these “sow” ideas are creative too….I think if I am going to be home I want to do something unique.
    But I just had a 2 hour conversation with my mother…and I heard my inner voice saying…JUST GO! So I am going to work on plan C this weekend. Travel dates….hotel rooms…cat boarding…etc.
    At the last minute….cause I usually make concrete plans at the last minute….I will flip my penny in the air and see where it takes me 😉

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