I swear to God, I can take the simplest task and turn it into a big production.

I’m sitting here trying to transfer a package of graham crackers into a storage bag so they’ll stay fresh.  Naturally, the crackers are all broken up into little pieces.  Well, sure, why wouldn’t they be?

So, I’m oh-so-carefully taking out several at a time and placing them in the storage bag.  All is going well … until I get to the last handful of half-crackers and smaller pieces, at which time I accidentally upend the damn package and 50 pounds of graham cracker dust spills all over the sofa.

Okay, maybe it wasn’t 50 pounds, but it’s a whole lotta graham cracker dust.

So, the simple fact that I wanted to keep my graham crackers fresh means I’ve now got to drag out the vacuum cleaner and clean up this mess.  That’s a whole lotta work for a delicate flower such as myself!



10 thoughts on “DUMB GRAHAM CRACKERS!”

  1. LOL..i know your pain 😉
    BTW Linda? may i ask who you were on thoughts? did you even come from thoughts…oh geez this IS a public forum, hope i didn’t stick my foot in my mouth…ya D..need a little salt???? LMAO
    sheesh…where’s my manners…WELCOME 🙂

  2. Bwahahaha! Been there, done that as well! I’m so glad you came here too. Hell, we all over the interwebz now! 😀

  3. Are you sure we aren’t related? That certainly sounds exactly like something I would do. Lol At least you didn’t sit on or step on your plastic bag of whole graham crackers… Welcome aboard!

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