Driftwood and Shells

10 thoughts on “Driftwood and Shells”

  1. LOVE this picture.
    I have been at the beach the last few days. With the virus….I have been avoiding it. But to go back was like going home. My spirit needs the ocean….it does so much for me.

  2. Where I started out, in Scotland, I could be at the coast within maybe 40 minutes heading east or west. Living on an Island Nation instilled in me a love of the ocean that will never die. I could quite happily be a beach bum, I think.

    1. I do love living near the ocean, too, and I know I’d miss it if I didn’t – but I also love mountains! I’m not sure of this, but I bet Scotland is the best both worlds?

  3. I wish I lived by the beach. I live in hot, muggy, Louisiana. But our cuisine and amazing food is what makes it special to me.

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