Dreams or Streaming The virtual world realities and holography

This blog is about another theory regarding dream process and flowing streaming in mind.

All that you need to know is streaming and dreams both could be erotic for body hormones and can cause nocturnal Penile Erections maintaining a blood flow in it for hours until erectile muscles worn out

But you should know dreams are just black and white blurred playing imaginary while streaming is just like YouTube video complete movie being played in mind

So as is real virtual world and existence in it vs with technology created holography now Ghosts around us are visible with virtual technology Yellow light birds attributed as angels are visible Imaginaries on out of planet such as moon Satellites can easily capture

Split of moon with chop of Last Apostle is clearly visible from Satellites…

The Science is astonished on fully compact and alive body of Last apostle fully alive body stopped heart and alive brain that responds blessing passed on him…

The day if he risen if entire world prostrate behind him entire world will enter paradise with eternal life and abode..

The Satan and all his children will get defeated ultimately

No need for All Terminator and Last Guider Script as Last guider perhaps appeared on moon when he will take birth where he is or he has already passed aways God knows better But words of descendents of son in law of Last Apostle and Persian First Iman Ali have revealed word to word such as appearance of Last guider on moon and in actual an image appeared on moon in this 20th 21 century also resulted in world wide rainfall when World started searching to scan image.

Well God knows better for humans revealing is believing but holographic technology can easily play belief of superstitious people and virtual world is not visible with naked eyes and revealing facts always results in violence of misdirected and weaker faith people.

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