Dreams, love ’em and hate ’em

Had a dream the night before last. As of late I have had some weird dreams (most of which I cannot remember… only that they were odd/weird).

This dream was one of “those” kinds of dreams. Oddly enough, the chick in the dream was pretty much the exact opposite of the women I prefer.

She was taller than me, skinny as a rail, short blonde hair (it’s the blonde hair that I usually avoid, short hair is not a thing). She was “clean shaven” shall we say, but the view was just a flash before I woke up.

She was in to me, atleast I think, until I got closer to kiss her and then there was resistance. Weird.

She was good to go definitely (hence the “flash”) but I suddenly got very uncomfortable with her and I guess I woke myself up.

How weird


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