Are Sweet Dreams Really Sweet?

Have you ever had a wonderful dream that you woke up sad?

Well I did, not just once but so many times. I guess y’all have experienced the same too, at least once till now. You know the feeling. It’s exactly like the dialogue from K-drama “My love from the star” which stated that “I realized that a happy dream makes me feel even more miserable when I wake up”. That dialogue stuck in my mind ever since I heard it. It made me think about all those times when I had a nightmare and woke up feeling relieved whereas when I had a sweet dream, where I was living my fantasy, I woke feeling sad about. I felt like going back to the dream and never returning because it was so perfect, because it was everything I wanted, because it was all I’ve ever hoped for and sometimes ever more. This is really strange, but why? Why our brain makes us feel so happy and in a second (as soon as we wake up) it takes it all away. Why can’t our brain give us answers to how do we make our fantasy a reality instead of creating a perfect but fake dream? I know I’m asking too much but I don’t want to be sad when I wake or be afraid while I’m asleep.


the feeling a good dream is indescribable. Although it is for few hours or even few minutes you feel so pleasant. I’ve also heard that the dream which we dream of in the morning ends up turning into reality. So according to that let’s hope that you dream of something really nice cause no matter what, we do not control our unconscious mind. It’ll definitely show us wonders irrespective of whether we are cozy in our bed or uncomfortable on the hard floor, we will still be dreaming. A dream which we might not remember when we wake up. That’s a total different feeling of uneasiness. Anyhow some of them we still remember and I hope instead of feeling sad or happy about it you get some or the other moral out of it.

On that note I hope you sleep well tonight. Take care and keep dreaming! Dream BIG!

5 thoughts on “Are Sweet Dreams Really Sweet?”

  1. Sweet dreams does makes one sad coz he gets to see the extent of happiness that he can achieve ad coming back to this world does make him realise that he’s far from it…its good that you are having those dreams coz lately my dreams are filled with nightmares and endless running… 🙂

  2. There are two things about dreams which I think everyone is familiar with…first part is that we dream what we think whole day.the other one is… dream is just an illusion to keep u safe from struggles and reality in life.THat is how your brains are wired they r wired to protect us from struggle and make us feel safe and healthy .And these dreams illusions play a big part in it.REAl dreams are those which don’t let you sleep.sweet dreams can only be sweet if ur living your dreams with eyes opened.if it is closed it is nothing more than a part time satisfaction and illusions.

    Watch dreams with eyes opened struggle for it .and it will provide u with sweetest taste ever. Coz when u struggle u don’t have time for illusions in Life…they become ur slave.


  3. I love dreams, and dreaming. Sure it’s a bittersweet feeling when you’re dreaming of something fantastic, something you’ve always wanted, only to wake up in your tiny apartment , with the same dead end job you’ve had for a couple of years (personal experience). But you can either choose to feel sad, or use it as a stepping stone to building your life to match that dream, or as close to it as you can. You just have to want it bad enough. ANYONE can dream a dream, but it takes dedication to make it a reality.

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