Down The Path of Smallness

drops of moisture like little tiny glass globes
appear on the glass pane
I narrow my vision from the world at large
to the tiny globes
then again to one singular globe
I imagine that my eyes become microscopes
to view inside that crystal-like globe
I see the tinyness of each organism
they likely know not they are swimming
in a huge pool of nothingness
That is you
That is me
Mere specks
 in one singular globe
nothing more
nothing less
sitting among many globes
upon a pane of glass
that could shatter to scatter
into a world not even known as of yet
one quick fleeting blast
a cosmic wind
a bumper rock
hard like a metal asteroid
nudges everything loose
to be rearranged
into something else
chaos to order to chaos
over and over again
either I choose to give up
or I choose to be what is possible for me
right now
right here
certainly humbling
certainly leaving me with an ability
to be more accepting of so many differences
that may not even be what they are today tomorrow
For now I sit inside a mechanically cooled mansion
Tomorrow I might sit upon a dusty road
I have been there and here and many in betweens
Tis all good in the grand scheme of so much more than I could know
I think these breaths are precious
So I shall take each in with gratitude
Exhaling the old and pausing to wait
For yet another something new
Such are the opportunities
Encased in the globe
There is a distinct warm light
that bathes me with its glow
I labeled it
so long ago
when I traveled along the thin line
to its open door
As the choice I made to return
I have never forgotten its feel
Universal Love
was its name.
Plopped back into this tiny globe
a speck that is capable
of feeling and knowing
even tiny glimpses
of much more.
Just wow
exhaled with
a wow

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