I am done with this site. I started a journal so I could vent if I need too. People are rude sometimes, and it’s the same problem I had on thoughts. Sorry I’m not perfect or whatever but at the same time I’m kinda done dealing with all that.


My life goes way beyond what some people think…

3 thoughts on “done”

  1. And why do you care what other people think and especially people that are just virtual with no real existence?, you are afraid of computers?
    And if your life goes way beyond what some people think, why the need to tell it?, obviously it doesnt go so far beyond now that you mentioned it.
    And if you started a blog to vent, and you have all the tools to elliminate “rudness”, then why whining about it?, are you a princess and you feel the need to treat you like a princess?
    Maybe you are an Egyptian wife of Pharaoh and you feel insulted by all those “rude” comments?

    1. FYI before you go and make uninformed comments? I know someone personally on this blog who uses this information in REAL life, and it’s normally things I wouldn’t tell them. It has nothing to do with random internet users who I’ll never meet like yourself. Thanks for the input though. Have a nice afternoon.

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