Does your computer rest?

My computer is very rarely turned off.  Perhaps a total of ten hours a week when I am sleeping or outside the home I may turn my computer off.  I honestly do not even understand what “hibernation” mode means but I have never knowingly activated that function.

Even though I am not always active with my computer there seems always to be multiple open tabs.  Facebook for sure, mainly because that is how I communicate with family members.

I loathe talking or texting on the phone, and I never use my phone for “surfing” the web unless I am out and need to look something up real quick, or perhaps to utilize the GPS.

I am not a “gamer” in any sense of the word, but I do have kindle on my phone to read sometimes.

My main computer is also my constant companion when I sleep.  I don’t watch movies on the computer but I use YouTube a lot for music and probably a good ten hours a day of pool tournament videos.

There is always a pool tournament playlist running while I sleep.

I find the sound of pool balls clicking to be very relaxing and soothing.

Anyway, I just wondered if other people use their computers in a similar way as what I do…

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  1. YES…..I have an Alexa Echo device and my Siri devices. But sometimes I am so tired I call out Siri when he isn’t around and I keep calling Alexa… Alexandria or Andrea and she doesn’t answer me. I ask them to play ocean waves as my lullaby.
    But Alexa only plays it for so long when I get her name right and like I said…Siri is usually in my purse or in the other room. So it’s easier for me to just find a 2 hour ocean wave video on youtube. Ocean waves have always been my thing. That gives me time to fall asleep.

    I don’t play games on my phone…..but I did download BrainHQ for my brains health. Years ago I would enjoy a game of Mahjong on my computer. Today…I sometimes play poker tournaments online. And it isn’t fair that I do that cause I am really good at the game. PURE LUCK I tell ya. I worked in the Casino business all my life and would never set foot in one. But online….it’s different. It’s all about the game and not your shoe size or how high your heels are I should say 😉

    My laptop usually is closed all day until I go to my room for the night.
    If I am having a lazy day at home I will take my laptop with me to the other rooms and just sit and browse the web. But I live in San Diego….so it’s hard not to spend time out doors.

    Sorry if I jumped all over on this topic……

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