Does social media “silence” Conseratives?

I have seen, on multiple occasions, Trump and his surrogates make this assertion.

Short answer, NO, social media attempts,,pitifully, to silence the voices that promote and incite hatred and violence. Most notably among them being white supremacist types like “The Proud Boys,” and a lot of the types ofo rganizations that have descended into and now populate places like Gab, Discord and whatever other sewers the haters fester together in.

It is no small coincidence that these intolerant, narrow minded, uneducated, semi-literate armpits of humanity support Trump. And he needs their voices amplified.

As for who is being “silenced,” why does the king troll of Twitter, the poster child for whining and Depends adult diapers, have so many people blocked?

Trump and his surrogates are the most snowflake, sensitive, delicate and fragile wilting Lilly’s on the internet.

I was just recently banned fromna blogging site, after three years, not because any TOS violations, but because a delicate, fragile and corrupt “monitor” wanted to silence my daily dispensation of truth, facts and reality.

Currently, I am in a 30 day suspension/restriction from posting on Facebook. My fourth ban on Facebook in 5 months, for various periods of time, for engaging with the delicate frost crystals of Trumplandia, who are so adept with the tools of flagging and reoprting people in order to shelter their delicate sensitivities from reality.

I don’t mind engaging with those who have opinions different from my own, but I will not tolerate and engage those who only wish to trill, provoke, incite, and argue, which is what most Trump supporters are interested in. Always looking for opportunity to convince themself the perception they have “owned” a lib. Or made a libs “head explode.”

Dont so much need a block feature as I would like to see an “ignore” button.

As for Conservative content on social media, I see plenty enough on Facebook, and If I were to so tweak my preferences my Facebook feed would be overrun with their lies, propaganda, and nonstop parade of ignorant conspiracy theories.

1 thought on “Does social media “silence” Conseratives?”

  1. No, conservatives are not silenced. What some folks do is silence them on their particular blogs and facebook postings and particularly in groups. Yet, a pretty liberal group is often over-run by people of the trump mentality invading and insisting on pushing their agenda.

    To prove your point even more, one of trump’s most recent rampages is about Twitter deciding to factcheck his lies by merely suggesting as an addendum that people look into the evidence for that particular claim which was about how mail-in voting always results in illegal voting. None of the evidence supports such a claim but for simply suggesting that people check the data with unbiased facts, he has accused twitter of “stopping free speech”.

    First of all, they didn’t stop him from saying it, second they didn’t even say it was a lie (although the evidence is certainly there that it is NOT true, and 3. they are a private company not a government entity so freedom of speech doesn’t apply in the first place.

    But then trump seems unaware of most of the Constitution and what it is about.

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